Our ideas for North Quay, Weymouth.

Weymouth’s disused council offices

The old council offices site has one of the most commanding views of Weymouth Marina and should play an important role in the architectural and social fabric of the historic centre of Weymouth. Currently this is not the case. The site has been left for many years now with the building empty and
boarded up and the surrounding land given over to car parking. This is a shame as it is such a key element along this stretch of Marina and a key ‘moment’ in the fabric of Weymouth town centre. Over the years there have been attempts to develop the site, our study does not comment on these, but rather look at the site from a fresh view point.

We have, with our professional partners, undertaken a review of the existing building and its environs. We Looked at the building physics, the structural and architectural constraints and opportunities of the existing building and the surrounding site. This formed the backbone of our proposal.

The key to our proposal is the retention of the old building and using this as a framework to extend out from. By doing so we break up the horizontality of the current form.

This then provides the opportunity to tie the building into the existing fabric of the harbour front, to fill the gaps where the current car parks are situated and create a vibrant mix of commercial and residential properties.

Re-build the old High Street.
An historic High Street used to run through the site and should form the backbone of any new development.
This provides an opportunity to create a new pedestrian and cycle route. The reinstatement would bring back legibility to this area and make sense of the currently fragmented buildings. The new road would also provide a
route to service the new development away from North Quay.
Extend the semi pedestrianised zone of Trinity Street,
The project could be a catalyst and an enabling development to improve the public realm along North Quay.
Currently this area feels cut off and forgotten, which is a shame as it boasts some of the best views of the Marina and is so close to the town centre.