Garden room is an extension to a Victorian cottage providing a new living space to the rear of the property.

The extension is a timber framed building that was designed and built to exceed current regulations in terms of thermal and environmental performance.

The whole process from initial design through planning and to completion was under 7 months. This was achieved thanks to a collaborative working relationship with the contractor and our network of consultants.

Bespoke fitted shelving and seat was designed by Project Entity and constructed by the main contractor. The shelving is made from exposed MDF boards providing an elegant and cost effective solution.

The design solution was to add a simple timber clad box onto the rear of the property. The timber cladding defines the new element against the period cottage, whilst also tying it in to neighbouring buildings and existing elements of cladding.

Large bifold doors allow the space to fully open to the garden and bring the outside into the inside all through the year. Skylights allow more light into the existing rooms improving the previous quality of illumination.