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Development Solutions

ENTITY development solutions is the project delivery and managment practice of the ENTITY collective of companies


Our shared ambition is to create and deliver sustainable and collaborative legacy projects, benefitting our clients, as well as the local community and environment. We do this by engaging with, and more importantly, listening to our network of trusted experts, clients, and friends. We are actively involved with local universities pushing for more responsible ways of construction, working, and living through new design methodologies and typologies.

Our designs focus is on simple and sensitive architectural solutions, achieving minimal carbon footprint and energy use through passive design principles, high quality offsite manufacturing, with always an eye on aesthetics and wider contextual impact.


  • Build to Rent (BtR)
  • Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
  • Private Residential Sale (PRS)
  • Senior Living
  • Regeneration
  • Mixed use
  • Sustainability


  • Development Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Viability
  • Fund Monitoring
  • Consultant & Contractor Procurement
  • Planning
  • Contract Management